Steel City Inclusive Softball Association
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REGISTRATION is still open for non-playing members!

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2024 Registration Options

Below is a list of the options for registration for this season and the respective details for each. Please refer to the calendar tab for important dates. If you have any additional questions, please email

Sunday Player - $125 - CLOSED FOR 2024

  • Recreational focused; Mixed skillsets from beginners to experienced playing together
  • Draft format with the option to have a reciprocal "buddy"
  • Includes jersey and membership card
  • Same structure as previous years
  • 11 weeks of game play and End of Season Tournament (EOST) - End of May to Mid-September
  • Games are not played on long weekends
  • It is recommended that all players are able to attend at least 70% of games

Thursday Player - $95 - CLOSED FOR 2024

  • More competition-focused; Mixed skillsets playing together
  • Draft format with the option to have a reciprocal "buddy"
  • Includes jersey and membership card
  • 8 weeks of game play and EOST - End of May to End of August
  • Double-headers starting at 6pm, Single games starting on July 11th (due to shorter days)
  • Pre-season skills clinic and mid-season mixer/scrimmage
  • All games will have a carded umpire

Substitute Player - $75 (NEW) - CLOSED FOR 2024

  • Intended for members with less than 70% availability
  • Includes jersey and membership card
  • Coaches will reach out to this pool of players FIRST when in need of pick-up players
  • Eligible for playing in Sunday and Thursday (if desired)
  • Included in all clinics, field days and Week 11 games
  • Eligible for all gameplay (covered by league insurance)

Non-Playing Member - $55 (NEW) - OPEN UNTIL SUNDAY, JUNE 16TH!

  • Intended for members who want to be a part of the league socially
  • Included in all SCISA related events, fundraisers and socials
  • Option to be (or not to be) drafted to a team for social purposes
  • Includes jersey and membership card
  • Not eligible for gameplay (not covered by league insurance)

Additional Registration Notes/FAQs: 

  • If registration is full, we will go to a waitlist. We STRONGLY encourage you to join the waitlist. Each year many players are called up. You will not have to pay until you are contacted to join
  • If you register as a Sunday and/or Thursday player, you do not need to register as a Substitute Player as well. You will still be eligible to play as a pick-up player, but first option will go to those official Substitute Players
  • Rainbow Substitute and Non-Playing Member jerseys will be sold separately after registration. Do NOT register for the sake of getting a jersey
  • If you wish to play in Thursdays and Sundays, you must register for both
  • In order for "Buddies" to be honoured, they must be reciprocal, meaning that you each enter each other's names. We will do our best to address any outliers, but please talk to your intended "buddy" first and make sure you both list eachother in the registration process

Refund Cut-off Dates: 

  • 100% Refund - Before April 12th
  • 50% Refund - Before May 31st (after first week of play)
  • No refund after May 31st

If you need to drop out of the 2024 season after registration, please send an email to